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WhisperSpin Power Pickleball Paddle

WhisperSpin Power Pickleball Paddle

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WhisperSpin Power is the perfect combination of stiff and responsive. It is our heaviest paddle, but well balanced. This is the perfect paddle for players who need a little extra power and also has a nice touch. Tennis players will also like this paddle because it gives you more pop similar to strings on a racket. All Quiet Play Paddles are quieter than any other paddles that are currently tournament approved.


The Quiet Play Difference

The WhisperSpin Power utilizes Tupelo core which is twenty five times stiffer than the standard polypropylene honeycomb core. The Tupelo core is slightly heavier with a density of 5.9 lb/ft3 versus 5 lb/ft3. Since it is heavier we needed to make the paddles thinner than the honeycomb. The reason for this being that thicker cores usually have a lower sound and to increase stiffness we increased thickness to increase the modulus. The core does the work to give the responsiveness of this paddle. All our paddles have a new patented adhesive layer which is much tougher and has a higher elongation than standard epoxy adhesives. Our surface finishes are bonded on during the manufacturing of the paddles. All of this means it can take a lot more impact abuse and stay bonded. This results in a responsive and fast paddle that gives you more spin all while keeping quiet.


Paddle Specifications

Weight: 8.2 ounces (+.2 oz)

Core Thickness: 12 mm

Overall Width: 7-3/8 inch

Overall Length: 16.5 inch

Grip Length: 5.5 inch

Grip Circumference: 4-1/8 inch


Sound too good to be true? Check out the science!



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