The Sound

 Don't Believe Us? Hear it For Yourself!

                  This data is from a marine hull laminate.
This data is from a marine hull laminate
Solving the Noise Problem

Quiet Play Paddles set out to make the best paddles on the market. Utilizing aerospace materials for lightweight, strong and most importantly, quiet paddles. We used proven sound damping from different laminate applications and have multiple patents for sound.

We have over 80+ years experience in building & designing laminates in the transportation, aerospace and marine industries. 


Test Results from Pickleball Sound Mitigation

We had Bob Unitech, founder of Pickleball Sound Mitigation analyze our paddles. Bob commented that Quiet Play saw real improvement damping waveforms. Sound level vs time. It was about half that of the control paddles available on the market today. Amplitude is the hertz rating, and the control paddles are around 1200HZ.  The Quiet Play has almost no tone at 1000HZ but moved the sound energy down by a full octave. In terms of loudness this creates more of a thud than the traditional pop!

*dB matters but more import is HZ (the frequency). Time under the curve matters for sound travel-Quiet Play sound stops after 3 milliseconds.


Dan Alter- R&D/Marketing (left), Devon Hammett- CEO (middle), Bob Unitech- founder of Pickleball Sound Mitigation (right)