The Science

The Problem with Other Pickleball Paddles

Almost every city in the United States has had complaints about pickleball courts making noise next to condominiums or apartments. Until the invention of Quiet Play Paddles, all pickleball paddles had a common issue. When the ball hits the paddle, it makes a loud noise which is at a high irritating pitch to our ears. This high irritating pitch is causing major distress for homeowners across the country. 

Our Solution

Quiet Play Paddles uses the most up-to-date, innovative, and advanced materials and techniques to produce the most acoustically pleasing paddles in the world today. Using our patented technology, we make paddles other companies only dream of. Check out additional information about the cores and fibers we use.

The Core Differences

Tupelo- Tupelo which is used for our WhisperSpin Power is the strongest core commercially available. It has a long history in the marine (hull and decks) and automotive market (Corvette floor). Tupelo is completely renewable and provides the stiffness “modulus” for the added power. This means it’s not reliant on the fiber to carry the load.  The fiber still plays a role, but the core delivers the power.

Density: 5.9 lb/ft3
Tensile strength: 1073 PSI
Compression strength: 917 PSI
Modulus/Stiffness: 289,098 PSI
Shear Strength: 262 PSI

Polypropylene Honeycomb- Polypropylene Honeycomb is used in our WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro and WhisperSpin Touch. Polypropylene honeycomb is typically not used in any structural laminates. Since PP honeycomb is plastic, it is compressible. This attribute adds to the touch and feel as the ball dwells a little longer.

Density: 5.0 lb/ft3
Tensile strength: 130 PSI
Compression strength: 275 PSI
Modulus/Stiffness: 11,500 PSI
Shear Strength: 85 PSI

Our Carbon Fiber

T700- Most major brands use Toray T700 standard modulus which they bond to a polypropylene honeycomb core.  This results is a paddle that loses it feel and stiffness over time. Quiet Play Paddles created a hybrids of T1100 carbon, Kevlar and aerospace grade fiberglass providing a stiff and light paddle with a tough surface. Our WhisperSpin Power and WhisperSpin Touch are a hybrid laminate that gives you the best of both worlds.

711,000 PSI Tensile strength
4,844 PSI Tensile modulus
2.1% Elongation 

T1100- Quiet Play Paddles utilizes Toray T1100 intermediate modulus on our WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro. We bond the T1100 to the polypropylene honeycomb core and top it off with a patented bonding technology which maintains the bond. The end result is a very stiff paddle that is responsive and fast while the damping provides touch.
1,017,000 PSI Tensile strength
6,817 PSI Tensile modulus
2.0% Elongation

 Dan Alter (R&D/Marketing) interviewing with The Brooklyn Cafe about Quiet Play Paddles and what makes us different.