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WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro Pickleball Paddle

WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro Pickleball Paddle

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WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro is our lightest and softest feeling paddle. It is stiffer and more responsive than anything else commercially available today. This makes it the perfect choice for players that want a faster reaction paddle. All Quiet Play Paddles are quieter than any other paddles that are currently tournament approved.


The Quiet Play Difference

For the WhisperSpin Carbon-Pro we use two layers of aerospace grade Toray T1100 intermediate modulus carbon fiber, which is stiffer and stronger than the T700 competitors use. The T1100 is then bonded to a 16 mm polypropylene honeycomb core, but we take it a step further and use our patented bonding technology. Our new patented adhesive layer is much tougher and has a higher elongation than standard epoxy adhesives. Our surface finishes are bonded on during the manufacturing of the paddles. All of this means it can take a lot more impact abuse and stay bonded. This results in a responsive and fast paddle that gives you more spin all while keeping quiet.


Paddle Specifications 

Weight: 7.2 ounces (+ .2 oz)

Core Thickness: 16mm

Overall Width: 7-3/8 inch

Overall Length: 16.5 inch

Grip Length: 5.5 inch

Grip Circumference: 4-1/8 inch

Sound too good to be true? Check out the science!


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